Boxing has been a professional sport for centuries now and betting on it is almost as old. People have followed it with passion and bettors have made loads of money out of it. To make good money out of this sport, you will have to know the aspects well. The key to making money out of betting on the sport is to pick a good reliable website. Many sites are created and uploaded by scammers with a view to conning rookie bettors into signing up and taking their money. You could review some sites to look for the authentic ones or get advice from friends who bet on choosing the best ones.

Working of money lines

If you love the sport and follow it passionately, you will probably have a good idea as to how the matches are going to unfold. Placing a bet on a boxing match is among the simplest things. You just have to pick one of the two boxers who you think has a better chance to win. Some games can be drawn too. This simple example will tell you how the money lines in the sport work.

Favourite: -180
Underdog: +160
Draw: +700

This means that you can place a bet of $180 on the favourite to win the fight and make a profit of $100 if you win. A +160 bet placed on the underdog means that you can put $100 on the fighter who's not the favourite and win $160. In the case of a draw, you can bet $100 and expect a return of $700. Damn, wish the sport featured more draws!

Types of bets

Apart from betting on the outcomes of fights, bookmakers offer proposition bets as well. These bets include placing money on your estimation of how many rounds the underdog is going to survive before finally succumbing to the favourite, selecting the particular round you think the game will end, selecting how the fight will be won or lost – by knockout or by a boxers' decision to quit, etc. If you are to have any success on winning bets in the sport, it is vital to know all the different types of bets you can place. You could make a lot of money without knowing them as well, but don't you like the idea of winning more and winning smart?

There are so many websites that encourage betting on boxing matches. You can register with more than one of such sites. The advantage of doing so is that you will know the odds better. You can also cross check the odds of the site you have registered with and the odds calculated by other sites so as to give you more information and placing a bet that will stand a good chance of winning. Taking that little extra effort and analysing matches on your own will help you attain a great deal of knowledge about the sport. Paying attention to details is also a key factor in making the right prediction.